By | 2018-08-25
Six Obstacles And Successful Factors For Hatha Yoga Practice

Hatha Pradipeeka is one of the most ancient texts of classical yoga which explains the important guidelines for the successful practice. The texts also imparts the knowledge on the curriculum of yoga with their practical methodologies and the applications in most systematic approach along with the need of the discipline of the lifestyle and food as well as the guidance of the master to reap the proper results of the yoga practices. The author of the texts list six obstacles* for the progress in Hatha Yoga practice. They are; Overeating: Excess eating is one of the barriers for the spiritual growth as it will drain lots of energy and create hindrances to the practices of yoga. The moderation in diet helps to feel light and active in the daily routine. Strenuous exertion: Indulging in too much in rigorous physical work depletes energy levels of the practitioners, which can lead to inability to the yoga practice Gossiping or frivolous conversations: This is one of the causes for the mental distraction, eventually loosing the concentration on the track of the practices. Adhering to strict rules or observances: Subjecting to such kind of activities are also going to bring the tax on the mind and body, which are gradually reducing the efficiency of the mind and body for the pursuits in the path. Being too much in the company of common people: Too much engagement in the public contact will be one of great difficulty to find the time for the personal sadhana. Mental Restlessness : This is because lack of understanding and as well as the poor intelligence in which the ability of decision making quality is in a weak position .This is going to reduce the concentration and focus on the goal. The text also gives the details on the six facilitator** factors for the progress in Hatha Yoga practice. Practicing them with due care and understanding will definitely bring the great changes in the achievement of the practice when approached on regular basis with firm conviction and dedication. These factors are; Enthusiasm : The keen eagerness is good factor to enhance the interest and motivation to do something in the life. Practice of Yoga will be fuelled by the spirit of intense keen interest. Strength of will and seriousness: Will power channelizes the physical and mental energy and tunes the forces responsible for the power of action and the knowledge. Courage: It is like weapon for the person to travel the path which is unknown, Yoga practices require a great share of the adventurous spirit and courageous yogis are able to master the system of Hatha Yoga. Discrimination or knowledge of the Truth and firm faith: This principle makes the distinction between the proper and improper methodology in the path and brings the certainty in the success of the practice Conviction and resolution: Strong commitment will connect the task again and again in order to be focused, so that the efforts are well maintained on regular basis with firmness. Abandoning the company of common people: This will help in getting sufficient time to be in practice and can establish inner connection which is an important factor for personal empowerment in any undertaking for self study and practice. Reference: *Hatha Pradipeeka Sutras of Chapter I:15 **Hatha Pradipeeka Sutras of Chapter I: 16