By | 2018-09-01
Discipline Your Body Through The Practice of Yoga Asana

Asana is the third limb of the Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali. The practice of Asana is an important means to bring the discipline of the body. It also contributes for the higher yoga practices such as concentration and meditation. Stable and comfortable body posture is called as asana. This is an important feature of the establishment of the homeostasis in which the psycho-physiological and neuro muscular as well as glandular mechanisms are under balanced conditions. The practice of Asana of mainly takes place through the relaxed efforts with awareness on the infinite. The principles of its practices are focused on the rhythmic breathing, regulated and co coordinated movements, maintaining the final static position in the pose and the point of gazing for the stable mind and body in the practice. There are various benefits from the practice of the asana, they contribute for the physical and mental health and well being including the feeling of lightness in the body. General strength and flexibility, freedom from the disorders in the working conditions of the different systems in our body are the advantages of regular practice of Asana. It is important to maintain and follow the guidelines of the safety in the practice in order to prevent the injuries and to reap the proper benefits under the guidance of the competent yoga teachers. The selection and sequence of the yoga poses plays the crucial role in the effectiveness of the practical session of the asana. The long term, uninterrupted and dedicated practice is good in bringing the great success. The relevancy of understanding the human anatomy and physiology is also useful to connect the importance of the structural components of the system using the functional role of the different poses. A comprehensive approach on the precautions and limitations of the poses can be of great help in designing the suitable yoga lesson plan of asana practice. The practice of healthy lifestyle and food habits including the optimum sleep and recreations are found to be very supportive for the progress in the asana practice. Hectic research on the practice of the different types of the asana has proved that they have been of great use in the therapautical applications. This is huge contribution of yoga for the support of the healthcare system in order to prevent various health issues. The postural health and ergonomics reforms are the best uses of the asana in the workplace to improve the productivity of the work forces of the organizations.