By | 2018-08-16
Who Suffers From Inflammation of Pelvic Can Oral Fuyan Pills And Paste Hot Salt to Treat it

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a very common disease in women. If there is no timely and effective treatment, it will lead to chronic inflammation of pelvic inflammatory disease, Causing the pelvic organs and tissues inflammation change into chronic disease, And lead to the oviduct, the ovary, the uterus and other organs adhere together, and form lumps. If female pelvic have inflammatory mass, there will be symptoms of low abdominal pain and dull pain. Especially during menstruation, the pain will increase. Patients usually accompany by increased leucorrhea phenomenon. If the lump is too large, the pain will also increase. At present, surgical treatment has immediate effect on the treatment of pelvic masses. But it is generally suitable for patients over 40 years of age with severe symptoms. For young women, conservative treatment should be adopted if the lump is small and they have fertility requirements. They need try to avoid hurting the internal reproductive organs. In the conservative treatment method, Chinese medicine is accepted by the majority of patients with the characteristics of safety, effectiveness and no side effects. When Patients receive traditional Chinese medicine of conservative of treatment, They can take Fu Yan pills, and then use external hot compress method on abdominal for adjunctive therapy. Hot compress is actually a form of physical therapy. It is traditional Chinese medicine external therapy to heat salt and apply the point externally. It can be used for the body’s waist, knees, shoulders, neck, abdomen and other parts, which have funtion of caring health physical therapy and relieving pain. Some elderly people compress hot salt very day, it can ease the discomfort cause by “fifty shoulders” and “old cold legs”. This is because the hot salt of heat insulation and moisture permeability are strong. It can not only penetrate heat into the body, but also dilate capillaries, increase sweat gland secretion and promote blood circulation. It has the functions of activating meridians, activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, and dispersing temperature to remove swelling. Pelvic inflammatory mass of patients, could use hot salt to apply on the abdomen, it can promote the absorption of inflammation and blood stasis, and eliminate chronic inflammation and mass. And the Fu Yan pill, which is compatible with Li’s traditional Chinese medicine, not only has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, relieving swelling and pain, but also can clear away heat and detoxify, invigorate the spleen and remove dampness. While it treats pelvic lesions, it can improve the body environment, eliminate pelvic stasis, mass and other lesions, and completely cure pelvic inflammatory mass. while Patients are taking Fuyan pill for treatment ,they can use hot salt compress abdominal for treatment, they could take oral and external combine together, so that the two effects play to the best. Because during the period of taking Fuyan pills, patients are not only accept the treatment of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing away heat and detoxification, detumescence and reliefing pain, It can also make vasodilatation, meridians and collaterals on the basis of hot salt therapy. It further penetrates the focus of Fu Yan pills and helps to recovery the disease. It is worth noting that if patient has acute inflammation, dermatitis, wound or loss of ability to distinguish between cold and heat, which is not suitable to use hot salt to treat. Patients could consult your doctor first, then combine with your own situation.