By | 2018-08-22
How to Prevent Mycoplasma Infection For Womem?

Mycoplasma infection is a great threat to women’s health. When women is infected with it, it can cause multiple organ lesions. Therefore, female friends should pay attention to daily life and do well in Prevention. So how can we prevent mycoplasma infection? Today’s article for you to summarize a few prevention of mycoplasma infection in gynecology methods, hoping to help everyone. As for how to prevent mycoplasma infection of gynecology, the first thing we should do is to find the reason of mycoplasma infection and avoid infection from source. 1.Related to autoimmune. I believe that people know the reason why we are infected. it is closely related to our immunity. Therefore, when our immunity is low, it is easy to infection mycoplasma. So we should eat some foods that increase our immunity. Prevention method: From this we can know that active exercise, keep the body health, maintain indoor air circulating, and temperature appropriate. Plan a good work and rest rule, do not stay up late, do not drink, do not eat spicy food. To enhance physical fitness is an important way to prevent mycoplasma infection. 2.Indirect contact pollutants. Our daily supplies, such as clothing, bathe goods, etc. These are all likely to be infected. But this route of transmission is extremely rare, and only occur when living with patients and sharing bathe goods. Prevention method: No bathing in public bathing bathhouses, no public swimming pools, no washing with others. People go out to hotel accommodation, take good personal belongings, it is best to carry bedsheet, quilts, toilet paper of cushions. No contact with public bathrobe, nightgowns in hotels. Take a shower bath. 3.Traumatic infection. Mycoplasma infection is different from other genital diseases, and has a latent period. Early symptoms are not obvious, and as time goes on, it can break through the wound into the body. After several days of incubation, the pathogen multiplies to a sufficient number and begins to attack, becoming the cause of Mycoplasma infection. Therefore, we should be careful about the broken wounds. Prevention method: As far as possible to avoid physical wounds, once a wound must be promptly sterilized by medication. Active treatment as soon as possible to restore health; avoid exposure to pollution sources to avoid wound infection. 4.Bad personal habits. Such as excessive alcohol and smoking, and so on, these substances will stimulate the human body lymphocyte activity, immunosuppressive effect. Alcohol can inhibit the central nervous system, alleviate anxiety, enhance sexual desire, to a certain extent, increase the occurrence and recurrence of Mycoplasma infection. Smoking can reduce the body’s resistance, so smoking is also an independent risk factor for mycoplasma infection. Studies have shown that the incidence of mycoplasma infection in smokers is more than three times higher than that in non-smokers, and the incidence increases with the time of smoking and the number of cigarettes per day. Smoking also can promote the recurrence of Mycoplasma infection. Prevention method: Form a good schedule, do not drink and smoke too much, so that the body is in a state of sub-health for a long time. 5.Drug prevention. Some chinese and Western medicines can enhance cellular and humoral immunity, it is better under the guidance of a doctor. 6.Vaccinations. At present, attenuated viral vaccines are used in some places, but they are not yet widely used. Vaccines have been designed for prevention, but the protection rate is only 50%. There is no systematic report on antibiotic prevention. As you can see from the above, the first thing we should do to prevent mycoplasma infection in women is to exercise actively and reduce the risk of infection; The second is to do well in personal hygiene, as far as possible to minimize contact with public places of bathing, bedding to avoid the possibility of disease; Moreover, good living habits, bad living habits will greatly reduce the body’s immunity, increase the risk of infection. These are the most effective preventive methods. For some drug intervention, the effect is not obvious, and the possible of negative effects are unknown. Even if people accidentally infected with mycoplasma, it is able to recover quickly though active treatment. traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan pills can cure all kinds of gynecological diseases, as well as Mycoplasma infection. It is with no side effects and drug resistance.