By | 2018-08-20
A Gynecologist Can Take Care of All Female Issues

If a woman pays a visit to a gynecologist, then she comes under a cloud of either attaining pregnancy or already attained. But the truth is that, pregnancy is only aspect which can be dealt by an obstetrician/gynecologist. The reality is that all kinds of health issues can be taken care by an OB/GYN. The following reasons will help you to comprehend better for making an appointment with an OB/GYN: 1. Birth control Once a woman turns out to be sexually active and at the same time is not yet prepared to conceive, she is supposed to visit a doctor for birth control as well as family planning advice. For this purpose, an OB/GYN can share plenty of alternatives. 2. Pap smear To stay away cancer and other health apprehensions, a pap smear is compulsory every few years. Women of twenty one years and above should make their usual visits for this easy, quick practice that is just as significant as breast exams. It may appear like common sense, but a lot of women who put off having a pap smear as suggested by doctors, later lament not doing it. 3. Pelvic exam Women of age twenty years and above are supposed to get an annual pelvic exam. This means that the patients with vaginal discharge, menstrual disorders, barrenness or pelvic pain ought to receive a pelvic examination. In addition to this, pre-menopausal patients with irregular uterine bleeding, variation in bowel or bladder function or signs of vaginal discomfort should also undergo pelvic exam. A pelvic exam is essential to a woman’s overall fitness. 4. Transformation in vaginal discharge If this problem is left untreated, or in case a woman attempts to take care of the trouble without the assistance of an OB/GYN, the difficulty can rapidly get worse, so it’s vital to rapidly make an appointment. 5. Painful sex or else painful cramps Everybody has different pain forbearance, although when a woman is for all time on painkillers for cramps, or while sex is excruciating painful, the OB/GYN can facilitate. It is not well to live off of ibuprofen every month; it could damage the woman’s liver, and at the same time there could be a trouble why sex is hurting. 6. Blood in urine While going to the bathroom, in case a woman has pain while she urinates, or while blood is seen (brownish or pinkish urine), an appointment to the OB/GYN is indispensable to figuring out if there is a health apprehension.