By | 2018-08-23
Remain Physically Active in Old Age Under The Guidance of an Expert Physiotherapist

Ageing is a natural process for every human being. With age, the body undergoes several physical changes. The changes include reduced muscle strength, stiffer joints, reduced bone density, increase in body fat, lack of perfect coordination, etc. Certain common illnesses like high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, etc. also become a part of these people. The mobility and balance in the daily life are prohibited among elderly people due to all these changes. The chances of injuries due to sudden fall or breaking bones among elderly citizens thus increases. Mental strength also decreases among the people and the ability to get out as well as to be steady on their feet is lacking. But, why should this be a curse to the people and why should this be considered as part of ageing? Then what is the point of advancement in medical science and technology? Physiotherapy is that branch of therapy that includes bio mechanics, manual therapy, and electrotherapy as well as exercise therapy to help the patients or people to restore or maintain physical mobility, function and strength. That signifies physiotherapy has a vital role to maintain health and well-being of elderly people as well as to help them be active and independent. However, being physically not able to walk or move freely, it is difficult for aged citizens to visit physiotherapy chambers. To make them agile and independent in a homely atmosphere, without getting out of their comfort zone, therapies at home is the modern concept. The scenario in Kolkata and in other cities is a little different from that of in the villages. People have to relocate to different places in accordance with their job profiles, leaving behind their elderly parents and other family members helpless. In such a condition, it is quite problematic and impossible in most of the cases for aged patients to make a way to the therapy chambers. Keeping in mind about the present scenario, Physiotherapy at home Kolkata is the modern concept that is very popular.

What benefits are included with therapies at home? Benefits include: This enables convenience for senior citizens. The faster healing process and close proximity to make them physically active. Personalized care is obtained. They do not have to face any mobility issue. It is quite cost-effective. Time management is pretty good. Supervision and support from family members is an added factor. An experienced physiotherapist is trained personnel who can assess the physical condition of the patient, and help in reducing the severity for a better and active life. Sometimes, aged people require Nurse at home Kolkata, to take care of their everyday activities. Centres available in and around Kolkata, providing physical therapies, also include nursing services in most areas. Availability of physiotherapists, dealing with basic nursing can be an added advantage. Although, each of the services is totally different in terms of the processes involved, in some cases, both the services are required together. However, it depends on the condition of the patients as well as the severity of the ailment.