By | 2018-09-12
Stretch Marks Common Causes And How to Get Rid of Them

What are Stretch Marks? If you have stretch marks, you are not alone. There are a large number of people around the world who become a victim of this skin condition. It does not have any health risk but the skin looks strange. If you are a person who is used to wear short dresses, it is better to have such marks removed at the earliest to avoid embarrassment and trauma.

Some people wait for them to go naturally but it is not always the case. There are some stretch marks that take too long to disappear naturally. You should consider a stretch marks treatment in such situations. If you want to remove them at the earliest because you have to attend an important event or you do not want to miss the beach season. Why Do You Get Them? The reason for stretch marks is simple; when the body grows in short time, such marks appear. When the stretching limit of the skin exceeds, it’s one or more layers breakdown from some areas. “These long, thin, rippled marks are also called stria,” WebMD writes. This problem also runs in families. To make the skin elastic, the special protein named collagen exists in the skin. The lack of this important chemical may also cause stretch marks. Some most common causes are enlisted below; Pregnancy Bodybuilding Quick weight gain Marfan syndrome Breast implant surgery Childhood growth spurts High amounts of steroids Who Gets Them? Most of its victims are women of different ages because pregnancy is the major cause of this problem. It happens because when the abdomen increases in size to make room for the baby, the skin becomes too much stretched. The hormones that weaken the skin fibers rise during pregnancy so the skin layers suffer from damager. Men and children are also vulnerable. What Do They Look Like? These lines appear in different colors and sizes. The age of the marks defines their color. Stretch marks fade from red or pink to purplish-blue to thinner, pale, more scar-like streaks over time. You may not notice them as much. They often appear on the following body parts; Hips Back Arms Breasts Buttocks Diagnosis Shoulders Stomach or torso A dermatologist can suggest a good treatment after checking your stretch marks. Before a doctor suggests a cure, knowing the medical history is important to avoid complications. Are There Products That Help? Though makeup is the simplest way to hide them, there are some naturally occurring substances that can also become the removal agents. Different creams, salves, oils, and other skin ointments can make some difference. You may try the following;

Olive oil Tretinoin Shea butter Vitamin E oil Cocoa butter Centella Asiatica Bitter almond oil Collagen boosters Other moisturizers Are There Procedures to Get Rid of Them? Yes, there are cosmetic treatments to cure this issue. You can take a surgical option or a non-surgical one. The Laser Stretch Marks Removal Treatment is a common technique in this regard. The new and old stretch marks can be removed by taking this laser treatment. The energy produced by the laser light calms blood vessels under your skin that could cause the marks. Another option is the Fractional CO2 Laser Therapy, which is relatively new. It is good at removing the old and white stretch marks. A few laser sessions are enough to remove stubborn marks. Some dermatologists recommend Microdermabrasion which uses tiny crystals to rub off the top layer of your skin. The Tummy Tuck and surgical options are painful and cost more.