By | 2018-08-17
Questions You Need To Ask Your Infertility Specialist Before Starting The Treatment

These questions will help you understand what your body is telling you so that you can get pregnant faster and have a better pregnancy experience overall. For this, some knowledge about the procedure is necessary. Q1. What do you do as an infertility specialist?
Let them explain what their practice is about and how they deal with patients. This is important and should not be taken for granted. Q2. Does smoking, alcohol consumption or work stress affect fertility? It is important to know what factors affect fertility. Q3. What is your success rate by live-births? Do you accept all patients? Ask your doctor specifically whether he is talking about pregnancy rates or live-birth rates while talking about specific treatments. This is because “a treatment may have a 30% pregnancy rate per cycle, but only a 25% live-birth rate due to miscarriage. Success rates are important. If someone accepts only a certain number of patients or a certain type of patient, that will skew their success rates. Q4. How many IVF transfers does it take on average before I should expect to get pregnant? Q5. What concerns do you most from patients who are just beginning treatment? Q6. Fertility treatments are expensive. What financial considerations should I take into account? Make sure you talk to your doctor about the expenses involved in the treatment because money is a big part of this treatment. Q7. Are there any less invasive or more conservative treatments available? How would you compare these treatments in terms of risk rate and success rate? It is common for doctors to recommend IVF. However, it is important to know other options. Q8. How many cycles would you recommend before trying some other option? It is important to know what other options one can consider if these options do not work out. Q9. What is my prognosis? In your opinion, how likely is fertility treatment to be successful for me? Q10. How do you feel about incorporating more natural treatments like acupuncture and nutrition? Q11. What are the main lab tests or exams you recommend that I have and why? Not only should they give a list of tests but also ask them why they think it is important for you to have these done?
Q12. Can you share with us contacts of former patients? You should talk to people who have gone through a similar experience Getting pregnant can be easy if you know how. As you are spending time and money with an infertility specialist, he or she should know how. It is your right to know the procedure and hence feel free to ask questions. These questions were suggested by one of the best infertility specialist in Kolkata.