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10 Important Opportunities For Occurring Pregnancy

Pons Medical Research is working for your healthy pregnancy. In this article you will learn about the most important opportunities for occurring pregnancy. When you select your IVF Partners expert in Assisted Reproductive Technology, you must ensure the surrogacy agency is also expert in nutrition planning and IVF Medical. All of us are interested, how the pregnancy occurs. Someone becomes pregnant very quickly and someone can’t get pregnant for years. What it depends from is from the individual features of the organism. What features? Pons Medical Research will answer at all your questions. 1. Oocyte (egg) – The mature oocyte that came from ovarium at the moment of ovulation is necessary for the occurring of pregnancy. 2. Spermatozoa – Functional and mobile that will be able to go to the uterus’s tube (it is long and difficult way) and to get in to the oocyte. 3. High quality of the sperm – Yes, of course the fertilization is made from 1 spermatozoon, but it always needs assistance to dissolve the cover of oocyte, so there should be a large amount of functional and mobile spermatozoa s. 4. Uterus’s tube – It should be permeable and have the big amount of fiber that will push the fertilized egg through this tube. When the tubes are not permeable, the pregnancy cannot occur or it occurs at the tube. 5. Uterus’s cavity – Without any defects and partitions. Because it is the “house” for the developing baby and it should be organize in certain way. 6. Mucous membrane of a uterus – It is called Endometrium and it should be of certain thickness with the ability of accepting the fertilized egg. Only in this way the implantation will be done. 7. Immune system – In the normal woman’s body the antibodies to sperm don’t persist and rejection of the embryo doesn’t have place, but in some cases pregnancy is impossible without immune-suppressant drugs. 8. Regular sexual life – The pregnancy can occur only during the period of ovulation (3 days before and 3 days after). For these days the man should accumulate the big amount of spermatozoa in sperm. To achieve this, the man needs not to have sex or masturbate for 1-2 days. 9. Right relation to the pregnancy – The woman should be ready for the pregnancy to occur. She should believe and hope but she should not have an unhealthy desire of becoming mother. 10. The destiny – All previous factors are very important. But the most important thing is destiny. Only God can bless you and the pregnancy will occur. Pons Medical Research is a leading surrogacy provider in Ukraine with expertise in Assisted Reproductive Technology with a good network of IVF Partners and advanced IVF Medical laboratory. Pons Medical Research wishes you a good pregnancy and a healthy child! Written by;
Dr. Nataly Yakovleva
Pons Medical Research