By | 2018-09-02
Say No to Crash Diet

Say No to Crash Diet (Don’t end up looking a shrunken version of yourself) People who struggle with weight all their life sometimes learn on wrong measures to stay fit and healthy. They go to the extent of starving themselves that it can lead to fatal health effects. Crash diet or skipping meals is the most common mistake by people who want to lose weight. Three wrong measures like crash diet or skipping meals may help you reach your weight loss goals, the results are temporary and you will be back to regaining the lost weight as it is not possible to continue for long on crash diet. In most cases, people lose only the water weight when they are crash dieting. As a result, the body is starved of the vital nutrients and you end up getting fatigued, nutritional deficiencies are bound to set in. This would lower your immunity and make you suscepitable to various illness. Prolonged substance on crash dieting will make you lose muscle mass. You would just end up looking a shrunken version of yourself rather than being fit and healthy by losing weight in a phased and scientific manner. Those with a medical condition place themselves at high risk by following crash diets. Obesity management programs at Ritus Diet are client based customized diet programs. We at Ritus Diet believe in “Right diet is the right medicine for our body” and follow simple rule: No medicines, No supplements, No Crash Diet, No Meals replacement as none can replace tasty and nutritious food stuff. We at Ritus Diet believe in “Diet consultancy as service to mankind” and follow a simple and effective rule: No medicines, No supplements, No crash diet, No meal replacements as there are no replacements for tasty and nutritious food for any of our weight loss programs. For the last 8 years, we have not given any medicine, food supplement, meal replacement, Crash Diets or recommended any machine use to our clients still everyone, who joined and complete “Ri tus Diet” weight loss program lost weight. Proper nutrition and exercise are the keys to any successful weight-loss program. For more details visit our website: