By | 2018-09-06
Natural Enema Solutions You Need to Try at Home

Apart from various enema solutions available over the counter, there are several natural solutions which you can easily prepare and administer at home. Below we have mentioned four natural enema solutions that you can try at your home safely and effectively to get rid of constipation. 1. Coffee enema- Injecting coffee up your colon may seem like a bizarre idea but coffee enema is known and recommended by many for its amazing detoxification effects. When coffee is administered via the colon in the form of enema, it does not go through the digestive system and thus will not affect the body in the same way as with drinking coffee. When coffee is administered in the form of enema it is directly carried to the liver via the hepatic portal veins. Coffee contains caffeine, theophylline and theobromine, all of which dilate the blood vessels and promote the flow of bile. It is through bile that the liver gets rid of all the stored toxins. Before getting eliminated in the stool, the bile gets absorbed and reabsorbed by the body 9-10 times. When a coffee enema is performed, this toxic bile is also flushed out of the body along with other harmful toxins. Coffee is one of the most well-known types of enemas. It has become popular due to its impressive effects in alternate cancer treatment. In the 1940’s, Dr. Max Gerson used a coffee enema in the treatment plan of their cancer patients. There has been some additional research on the use of coffee enemas for the treatment of cancer by Dr. Nicolas Gonzales. Coffee enema recipe: Organic coffee- 3 tbsp. Filtered water- 1 liter How to prepare and perform the coffee enema- Combine water and the coffee and boil it for 3 minutes. Now reduce the heat and simmer the coffee for 15 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool down to a suitable temperature. Filter the mixture and administer it. Retain the solution for 12-15 minutes and then release. 2. Epsom salt enema- Epsom salt can easily be found at a pharmacy near you under the name magnesium sulfate. Epsom salts are usually used in baths to relieve muscle tension, aches and pain. But along with that, it is also taken internally for relieving constipation as well. The high content of magnesium in the salt relaxes the muscles of the intestinal tract and help with the elimination of the colonic content. Epsom salts as an enema is a much safer and faster alternative to achieve results as compared to when taking them orally. An Epsom salt solution increases the amount of moisture in the intestine as it draws water into the colon. This softens the accumulated fecal matter in the colon and makes the elimination process much easier. Epsom salts are a great option for those who are suffering from severe constipation. Epsom salt enema recipe: Epsom salt- 4 tbsp. Warm filtered water- 2 liters How to prepare and perform Epsom salt enema- Dissolve the Epsom salt in warm water and transfer the prepared solution to an enema bag or bucket. Administer the solution and retain it for the stipulated time. 3. Lemon juice enema- Lemon juice is an amazing cleansing agent which assists the colon in getting rid of the accumulated fecal matter and also helps in maintaining the pH level of the colon. People suffering from conditions such as colitis may also get relief by performing a lemon enema once a week. Lemon enema when performed on a weekly basis helps in relieving chronic constipation. As compared to a plain or salt enema, it is much more effective at cleansing the colon. But on the contrary, a lemon juice enema might be a little difficult to hold on. Lemon juice enema recipe: Fresh lemon juice- 2/3 cup Warm filtered water- 2 liters How to prepare and perform lemon juice enema- Squeeze out fresh lemon juice and mix it with warm filtered water. Transfer the prepared solution to an enema bag or bucket. Administer the solution as you normally would and retain it for a comfortable span of time. 4. Milk and molasses enema- Another way of getting rid of the excess fecal matter from the colon is a combination of milk and molasses. This recipe was used religiously in nursing until more advanced formulas replaced it. A milk and molasses enema may give you unbelievable results but it may also vary from person to person based on the concentration of bacteria present in the colon. The bacteria present in the colon feed on the sugar present in the molasses and milk solution. As the bacteria metabolize they produce gas which helps the enema to reach further up the colon. The milk and molasses enema stimulate peristalsis which helps in getting rid of the colonic waste quickly and effectively. Milk and molasses recipe: 1-2 cups whole milk 1-2 cups blackstrap molasses How to prepare and perform milk and molasses enema- Warm up the milk in a saucepan and boil it slightly. Make sure not to overheat the milk or it will curdle. Turn off the heat and remove the pan from the flame. Stir in the molasses and mix the two ingredients thoroughly. Allow the mixture to come down to a suitable temperature and then administer it. Retain it for as long as you can and then release.