By | 2018-08-23
Orthopedic Conditions Increase as Body Weight Rises

Everyone knows that being overweight can have an impact on your health, from increasing your risk of diabetes to causing high blood pressure. What most people don’t realize however is that it can have a serious impact on your bones and increase your susceptibility to orthopedic conditions including fractured bones. Joint Problems

Gaining just five pounds can add 20 pounds of pressure to your knee joints causing them to become damaged or worn. The joint will begin to stiffen and become painful, often swelling and eventually causing arthritis if not treated. Bones that have been weakened from excess weight can make a sports injury more likely. Another lesser known joint problem caused by excess weight is tendonitis. This occurs when extra pressure on the joint causes the tendons to become inflamed. While there is a variety of pain levels from tendonitis, the pain can often times become so severe that it is disabling.Similar in symptoms to tendonitis, bursitis occurs when the fluid sack (bursa) near the joint which protects the tissues is irritated. Treating joint pain can be solved by resting the joint, applying ice, and taking OTC pain relievers. However, joint pain may become so severe that the joint needs to be replaced. Being obese makes you twenty times more likely to need a knee replacement, and this typically occurs seven to eight years earlier than someone who is not overweight. Risks and Other Factors

As with all surgeries, joint replacement surgery has risks, though they are minimal unless you are overweight. In patients who are affected by obesity, there is a greater risk of post-operative complications. A few of these complications include: Infection Blood Clots Dislocation of the New Joint If you are affected by obesity, it also makes access the bone more difficult which means that your orthopedic surgeon may have to make a larger incision, potentially leaving a bigger scar. Also, physical therapy for someone who is affected by obesity may take longer than it would for someone who has maintained a healthy weight. Despite these issues, people with obesity still have outcomes that are just as good as those that are not affected by obesity. For conditions that have been caused by weight, an orthopedic specialist that offers same-day appointments can quickly and accurately diagnosis you so healing can begin now.