By | 2019-10-24

Car accidents are consistent, and they are increasing day by day. Car accidents can be of different types, and the injuries from these accidents may also vary for each kind of accident. Usually, accident injuries have lasting effects on the body, but it is essential to keep yourself aware of the options you have after car accident injuriesFollowing mentioned are some of the primary lesions and their nature that you can have after a car accident:

1- Head injuries

Brain and head injuries are the most dangerous kind of injuries. Frequently head injuries happen because of the blow to the head, and these are the traumatic injuries. In this type of injury, the brain bounces inside a skull, which immediately leads to changed chemical situations in the brain. The symptoms for this injury are observed right on the accident spot. You may feel dizziness, nausea, neck pain and headache as the primary symptoms.

Once you start facing these issues, it’s better to consult a doctor. But primary treatment is to take rest as much as possible. Stop moving your head and avoid all the kinds of physical activities as you may also have internal bleeding inside the skull and physical activities can worsen the situations for you.

2- Facial injuries

These types of damages usually happen from the airbag, steering wheel or any other object. Often, the cuts on skin need stitches and the number of stitches are determined by the depth of cut.

Primarily you would need to cover your facial injury with a clean cloth to stop bleeding and to keep it protected from bacterial attacks.

3- Neck injuries

Neck injuries are common in car accidents that can typically happen due to neck snaps. It can lead to mild neck strains or in the extreme condition the vertebrate can dislocate.

If the neck strain is mild, you can consider having pain relievers. If you feel pain in neck movements and the pain prolongs, you must consult a doctor.

4- Rib injuries

Rib or collarbone injuries usually happen when your whole body weight is put on the shoulder belt. If the crash is extensive, your ribs can also get damaged by having pressure by the body weight.

The healing process for ribs and collarbone usually is long, but you would need to get special braces around them. Otherwise, there may be a need for surgery.

5- Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord and back injuries usually happen when the accidents are traumatic. In such wounds, back muscles are pulled, and ligaments can also be sprained. If the back pain after an accident is minor, it can be relieved by usual pain killers and heat application. For severe illnesses, it’s better to get your X-ray done and consult a specialist.