By | 2018-08-19
5 Things You Should Never Say After Car Accident

Whether you are driving a car, truck or riding a motorcycle in Denver, you must be aware of the laws and regulations. It is essential to keep yourself aware of the options you have after car accident injuries before you approach any Personal Injury Lawyers. When one meets any such wreck, every minor action performed at the scene can turn the tables for the case and hence there are certain things which should be taken care of while you face the same situation. Here are they briefed: 1. “I’m Sorry, it was my Fault” Committing your fault at the very moment can be the most stupid thing you do after a car accident. Most Auto Accident Attorneys will ask this to you first whether you have agreed upon anything that it was your fault. This can turn the case against you even though it was not completely your fault. 2. “No need to call police, let’s handle it on our own” Sometimes, the plaintiff is forced by the opponent not to call the police. Even if this is not the case with you and you feel like no major damage is caused to you, still it is advisable to call the police. No matter how much you think yourself eligible to assess the situation, you don’t have the vision possessed by police. 3. “I’m fine, No need to go to Doctor” Medical Treatments and their initial reports are very important to present in the court of law. If you think of filing claim, your personal injury lawyer will surely ask for it. Never say that you don’t need a doctor as you never know the severity of emotional pain. Physical injuries can be treated and their damages and recovery have evidence while this is not the case with the internal or mental pain you might have after a car crash. You immediately need to consult a doctor post car accident. If you say so, it might turn into a red signal for you to get compensation and a point for an opponent to present in the court that you have not taken any medical treatment which means you don’t deserve any compensation against this. 4. Social Media Posts Social media posts are scanned by auto accident attorneys to keep an eye on your activity. We are generally habituated to posting current mood and keep checking-in to places we visit. You should be very careful while making any post on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram. If any of your posts is against the situation you have mentioned in the claim, you will have to put a crossover your expectations. It happened in most cases that opponent’s car accident attorneys have presented the posts prior to the accident as recent ones for hurting plaintiff’s claim. Make sure this does not happen to you. The safest way is to deactivate your social media profiles until you get your case solved. 5. “Let’s make a quick settlement” Many times, opponent’s insurance company tries to settle-down plaintiff with a lump sum of the amount while the actual scenario states a high claim. It happens when plaintiff gets greedy and don’t want to wait for getting complete compensation. Don’t ever do this and hurt your own rights of asking for highest possible claims. These are some of the most common things which are recognized as mistakes by Denver Personal Injury Attorneys. Since you have learned what not to say, take care!