By | 2018-08-24
5 Steps To Eliminating Back Pain Forever

THE PROBLEM: Sitting wreaks havoc on our bodies, it causes our hip flexors to shorten, glutes to switch off, our spine bent forward and neck to poke forward. With people averaging 10-12

hours a day sitting back pain is more prominent than ever. THE SOLUTION: The following 5 tips in this guide will show you how to realign your body so that you can eliminate back pain from your life forever. Tip #1 Tall and Half Kneeling The #1 tip to eliminate back pain from your life forever is to not sit as much. Our body is designed so that everything works in unison and supports one another. When we sit our back is left to support itself. Eventually our back screams in pain, asking for change and help. Tall and half kneeling will put you in a position that allows your glutes to support your back, taking the load off your back and allowing it to settle down. To “sit” in tall kneeling: Put both your knees down on the ground. Create a single, straight line between your knees, hips, shoulders and ear. Have your belt line level. To sit in half kneeling do exactly the same as tall kneeling except step one leg up For the comfort of your knee put a rolled up towel underneath them. Tip #2 – Hip Flexor Stretch The hip flexor stretch is key to relieving pressure off your lower back. Your hip flexors are attached to lower back vertebrae. Sitting shortens your hip flexors, when they shorten the attachments on the lower back get pulled on, putting excess pressure on the lower back To perform the hip flexor stretch: Put your left knee down on the floor Step up on your right foot Align your knee, hip, shoulder and ear in a straight, vertical line Squeeze your butt Push your hips forward until you feel a stretch in the front of your thigh/hip. Tip #3 – Glute Bridges Everybody has a problem turning their glutes on because of all the sitting. If your glutes cannot even switch on how can you expect them to also support your back. The glutes are one of the main driving forces that control the position of your hips. When the glutes switch off your hips rolling forward causing the lower back to lock out on the facet joints. If you can switch on your glutes you can keep your hips in a neutral position, keeping your back in alignment and letting the muscles support you. To perform the Glute Bridge: Lay on your back Bring your feet up so your knees are on a 45 degree angle Put a towel between your knees and squeeze it Squeeze your butt and drive your hips up until you have a straight line between your knee, hip and shoulder Tip #4 – Rib Grab With Rotation Having good mobility in the upper body is essential to allowing your lower back to do its job. Being stuck bent forward in the upper back causes the lower back to move more than it normally would to compensate. The rib grab with rotation will increase the extension and rotation ability of your upper back and allow you stack your back in the best position. To perform the Rib Grab with Rotation: Lay on your side with a pillow or towel under your head with legs straight Bring your top leg knee up so that your knee is above your hip line Put your bottom hand on top of the top knee Grab your bottom side ribs with your top side hand Pull your ribs around and rotate your chest around to the roof, try to touch your top shoulder to the floor Tip #5 – Daily Walking

Movement is the key to living a good quality life. Walking is a fantastic way to add more movement to your day, an added benefit is that it is completely the opposite of the seated position. Adding 30-60 minutes of daily walking into your life is a great way to add more movement to your day. In addition to being the opposite position of sitting, the glutes, abs and back muscles have to fire and walk together to walk properly. These muscles work to support the back and ties all of the previous tips together. The more of the tips that you choose to integrate into your life will determine how much back pain will interfer with your life. Implementing the tips in this guide is critical for you to eliminate back pain from your life forever!