By | 2018-08-18
The Wonderful Health Advantages of Drinking Green Tea

One of the health advantages of drinking green tea is losing weight and getting more trim. A study conducted by the University of Geneva in Switzerland demonstrated that by mixing tea extract and caffeine burns more calories that caffeine on its own. The health advantages to drinking green tea every day have been demonstrated through numerous studies in the last 10 years, not to mention the wisdom from ancient China. Can it be considered as a miracle tea?There are several convenient ways in which the health benefits of Green tea may be taken. Liquid tea can be enjoyed any time, but there are also many supplements available, including capsules.A limited clinical study found that green tea was very helpful in preventing tooth decay that results in cavities. More studies must be done. The chances of getting heart attacks or strokes can be lessened by drinking tea leaf. One can lower bad cholesterol, while simultaneously increasing good cholesterol levels by consuming green tea, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Researchers at a medical center say that drinking tea meant men had lower cholesterol than those who didn’t, maybe because its polyphenols carry cholesterol through the body rapidly so there’s less absorption.It’s been found that drinking tea can have a big effect on health. Leaf tea is an antioxidant, but in addition it may prevent cancer and arthritis as well as protect the heart and liver. It may be best not to drink green tea at night, since it is caffeinated and can cause insomnia. This is not a big concern, as the amount of caffeine found in tea is less than coffee. It seems that tea drinkers have slimmer waistlines than those who don’t. It was discovered via a survey done by U. S. National Health and Nutrition that drinking at least two cups of tea daily helps men stay slimmer than men who don’t do this.Those who want to lose weight can be helped by the addition of this tea to their diet. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, men who drink green tea daily will burn more calories than those that don’t.For cancer protection, studies recommend you may drink three or more cups of green tea daily. But an extract that can be ingested as a supplement is available, too. According to research, these components help lower cholesterol, reduces fat, reduces chances of having a stroke, helps alleviate heart disease and cancer problems, and helps refresh the entire body!