By | 2018-08-20
The Health Advantages of Spending Time in a Sauna

Once thought of as a luxury item, saunas are now used by a diverse range of people all over the world. Not only are saunas a great way to relax, but millions of people use saunas for their health benefits. A sauna can be used alleviate a wide number health issues which results in an improved quality of life. When it comes to the health benefits of using a sauna, it is understandable why people are using them not only in spas, fitness centers, and gyms, they are also installing them in their homes.The following is a list of the health advantages of spending time in a sauna:1. Too much stress can result in such health conditions as headaches, insomnia, and anxiety. A sauna is a great way to reduce stress. The heat from a sauna causes a natural relation. As well, stress causes the buildup of certain chemicals that promote a feeling of stress. Perspiration from a sauna causes these stress causing chemicals to be released and decreases the production of these chemicals. This results in the stress feeling going away leaving a more relaxed state of mind and body.2. We are constantly exposed to chemicals and toxins in the air we breathe, the foods we eat, and from the products we use. Over time, the accumulation of external toxins and heavy metals in our body can negatively impact our health. A sauna acts as an effective body detoxifier. The perspiration we undergo in a sauna helps to release toxic elements from the skin. The result is healthier skin and improved health and well being. The increased blood to our skin caused by an increase in temperature allows the skin to receive more nutrients and oxygen which rejuvenates the skin leaving it smooth and beautiful.3. Excess weight has been proven to have a negative effect on one’s health. A sauna is a great way to shed unwanted pounds. When sitting in a sauna, one’s heart rate is increased which increases blood circulation much like light exercise does. This causes fat to burn resulting in a loss of weight. As well, sweating in a sauna helps one to drop the weight.4. Spending time in a sauna helps to ward off colds and the flu. A sauna causes our body to heat up much like a fever. A fever produces more white blood cells and other cells to help combat the illness. A sauna triggers the exact same response. Immunity also becomes strengthened which helps to shorten colds and the flu. A sauna also helps with breathing. It helps to drain congested sinuses and congested airway passages.5. The increase heat of a sauna helps to alleviate muscle soreness and joint pain. This is helpful for those suffering from bone and joint conditions such as arthritis. The increased temperature causes blood vessels to expand and improve blood circulation. More oxygen and nutrients are carried to the strained areas reducing pain, inflammation, and promotes faster healing. Muscles and joints will also be more flexible.Whether it is for healing or prevention, research has shown that there are many health benefits to using a sauna. Spending time in a sauna is great way to nor only escape the stresses that accompany daily life, but is also an effective way to improve one’s overall health and well being.