By | 2018-08-29

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling great after exercise, only to be hit with muscle soreness the next day, or even several days later. If this sounds familiar, you’re probably suffering from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), which can be quite debilitating and hinder you from returning to your normal activity. Luckily, a lot of people find relief from DOMS through sports massage, and a 2005 study showed that massage was effective in alleviating DOMS and reducing swelling by 30% (Zainudden, Newton, Sacco, Nosaka, 2005). As an experienced sports physio in Perth, we’re here to share how sports massage can help reduce the impact on DOMS.

What causes DOMS? DOMS can be caused by intensive or unaccustomed exercise which results in muscle soreness and weakness, usually peaking 24-48 hours after the activity but it can last up to seven days. Unfortunately, the cause of DOMS isn’t fully understood but it’s commonly thought that it’s due to the inflammation and damage, or microtrauma, of the muscle. Another theory is that DOMS is the result of muscle protein spilling into the blood. Other explanations could be metabolic stress, connective tissue damage, or muscle spasms. Sports massage for DOMS While some people relish the onset of DOMS as a sign that they’ve worked hard, for others it can seriously limit mobility and means that they’re less likely to return to intense exercise until the soreness has improved some days later. If you know you’re susceptible to DOMS, booking in for sports massage through your physiotherapist can offer relief. It’s particularly useful for athletes who need to recovery quickly between events. Sports massage for DOMS can help repair damage to the muscle by increasing blood flow to the area to reduce inflammation and pain. Massage can also help reduce muscle tightness by relieving tension and restoring flood flow. Some people also use sports massage prior to an event to prevent the onset of DOMS if they know they are susceptible to this condition. What other benefits can sports massage offer?

Sports massage isn’t just an effective treatment if you struggle with DOMS. It can be also have a number of additional benefits, including; Improved flexibility and mobility Prevention of injury Help treat conditions such as soft tissue damage Improved performance Reduce impact of lactic acid Treat general inflammation Improved circulation If you’re looking for a sports physio in South Perth/Como, we offer a personal, high quality experience at Integrity Physio. We offer 30 minutes for all appointments and commence treatment from the first consultation. Our Senior Physiotherapists have over 10 years of clinical practice and have extensive experience with a wide range of conditions. For sports physiotherapy, as well as sports massage, in Como and South Perth, contact Integrity Physio today on 9368 0458.