By | 2018-08-19

The concept of travelling across borders to a foreign country in order to get a medical procedure done is termed as medical tourism. This trend has become highly popular, and the spike in medical tourism in India is surely noteworthy. The prime reason for his is because India offers pocket friendly but high standard medical care. The elite from developing nations have also started coming to India to get life changing medical procedures that may not be available in their own countries. Citizens from developed nations like the US and the UK come to India to get surgeries like knee replacements, hip replacements, cardio logical treatments or even cancer treatments done because they cost almost 10 times more in their own countries. Also people form countries like Canada are indulging in health tourism, because the wait time in their countries for major medical procedure is huge, in contrast to India where one only has to wait two to three days, from the day of request to actually get a surgery or life- changing treatment done.

There are sometimes procedures that are not covered by medical insurances in Western countries, like plastic surgeries, or cosmetic treatments. These help in improving the physical look and mental feeling of the person involved. So a lot of people are flying to India to get such procedure done. Since they will have to pay a hefty amount for these in their own countries. Also there are people who come for holistic development like, Ayurveda, yoga or other mind and body healings, these practices are native to India. A lot of specialist centers for such cures are spread out all over the country and run by highly trained and skilled people. To help promote this industry a number of healthcare agencies have been set up, these provide comprehensive concierge services for a medical tourist. From doing international ticketing, choosing a hospital or a doctor, booking accommodations, coordinating with the hospital, language interpretation and even keeping a record of medical documents, they handle it all for the patient. This makes the trip easier for the patient and the accompanying person. To further help the cause the visa application and procurement process in India is much easier that most other nations. For a lot of nations there is also an option of visa on arrival that is available. All these reasons help in giving the medical tourism industry in India a major boost.