By | 2022-01-11

Every medical treatment that science has discovered had side effects. The methods of treatment had continuously been under evolution to minimize these side effects.

For example, Acetaminophen, that’s used to cure a cold, flu, and body pains were found to be immensely dangerous for the liver. Many antidepressant drugs have dangerous effects on the digestive system.

Many medicinal drugs have been discontinued due to their excessive side effects. For example, Fenfluramine was discontinued due to lethal effects on the heart and lungs. It was used to treat seizures due to Dravet syndrome.

Rimonabant, a medicine prescribed for weight loss, caused anxiety and depression in its users.

Not all the medicines that have side effects are banned, but most of them are continued due to their higher benefits and usage.

To find a solution to this problem, many treatment methods now use natural extracts instead of lab-manufactured medicines.

Priapus shot Dallas provides you with these side-effect free methods. It is used to treat Erectile dysfunction and other problems related to it.

Priapus shot treatment includes injections of PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma) coupled with a doctor’s regular treatment who determines the quantity of PRP to be given. It is a relatively simple procedure.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The Priapus shot can only cause those side effects that are related to injection-based treatments. It has no particular and specific side effects.

A mild rash at the injection site can occur. The injection can cause some soreness and redness at the injection site.

Moreover, it involves the extraction of blood from the body so the side effects can be due to the use of used and infected needles.

These needles may contain some bacteria or viruses that lead to the infection otherwise it is very rare for an infection to occur due to this safe treatment.

The injection site may also show some signs of allergy.

This problem is usually more common in underdeveloped countries where there are not many control mechanisms on the health departments.

The use of unsterilized needles is common there and can cause many lethal diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis.

The injection is also needed to be administered with great care and with local anesthesia for numbing the site. The injection site is much sensitive in this case and the patient may feel pain due to it.

Both the penis and the arm (or some other site) should be cleaned and applied with local anesthesia before taking out the blood.

In short, there are no dangerous side effects of this treatment and it proves to be a much effective method in terms of its success rate.

Ref: Dallas Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic