By | 2020-09-17

It all began as a simple viral fever and some related symptoms. However, today, every one of us are in a tough situation due to the pandemic outbreak. As the COVID 19 virus spread and reached the entire world affecting people in one country after another and the number of COVID 19 cases increased, the entire world and its economy faced a jerk.

The whole world practiced self-isolation and quarantine, social distancing etc. Several businesses were temporarily shut down and slowly they are all opening back their operations one by one. The respective governments have permitted the business to function with restrictions.

Few ways to maintain safety while restarting your business operations

Though the government has given permission to resume the business operations in several industries, they have advised some set of guidelines to be followed. Along with our common sense and applying our knowledge about the COVID virus, I have compiled a list of rules to adhere to, so that we are safe and away from COVID infection.

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Other safety precautions to be followed include:

  • Advise your clients and your employees to carry and keep with them their personal belongings and use only that. Discourage the shared usage of things like pens, coffee cups/mugs, water bottles, plates that we eat on.
  • Avoid casual or official meetings at the office within meeting rooms. Though you have all gotten back to office, continue the routine of web meetings.
  • Regularly and more rigorously follow the routine of cleaning and sanitisation.
  • Educate your staff to be less social. Empathise with their need to destress during work yet tell them how it could be dangerous as there is a chance of catching and spreading the infection unknowingly.
  • Let the cafeteria, the eating lounge etc remain closed. Ask your staffs to bring their own food. Eating non home cooked foods and in groups and in the open, sharing the cutleries like plates and water glasses are not safe.
  • Install temperature monitoring units in your office spaces and always use thermal scanners to scan and check employees while they are entering your premises.
  • Ask your medical team in your office to be extra careful and record every case illness reported and follow up on them to check if they have recovered.
  • Getting insurance for all your staff, which covers the damage caused by COVID infection is also recommended.

So, stay safe, stay informed and alert in this tough time of a pandemic. Always remember that breaking the link and the chain of the virus spread is the key to control the pandemic.