By | 2018-09-03
Top Five Abs Workouts

Who doesn’t want celeb-like attractive abs? Getting a flat belly is easy only if you are active enough and consume an accurate amount of calories. While cardio helps to reduce belly fat, it is not enough to tone your belly and other specific parts. It is important to hit the gym, and hit it hard to really focus on your abs. FITPASS lets you work across 1000+ gyms and fitness studios in Delhi NCR. You will never miss a single workout. Workout close to your home, your office, your neighbourhood market, with FITPASS you can wokrout anywhere as you want. Choose from 100,000+ daily workout options on the FITPASS App – Gym workouts, Aerobic Workout, Fitness Studios, Yoga Classes, Zumba Dance Classes, Ab Attack and many more in your figure tips. Here are some workouts to target and tone your abdomen. Work hard for that strong abs. 1. Planks This one single exercise will give you strong abs. It is best for the core, arms, and shoulders. Well, actually this simple exercise strengthens the entire body. 2. Pull Ups Ab workouts are very demanding, one such is “pull ups”. It not only gives a definition to your body but also allows it gather strength. 3. Reverse Push-up It is also considered to be most excruciating out of all the workouts. A reverse push-up will work it so hard that it will give you a killer abs workout at the same time. 4. Leg raises In this particular workout you have to raise your leg lying on a flat bed right up to 90 degrees and then taking back to the start point. 5. Decline Russian Twists Position your body on a decline bench in order that you’re leaning backwards along with your feet facing up underneath the foot pad. Raise yourself up from the bench in order that your core muscles engaged. From this position you may twist your body to the left and to the right, for a given range of repetitions. You have lots of choices for abs classes. Fitpass will give you everything you need to meet your fitness goals. Just get your FITPASS now for your dream abs and #GetSetSweat.