By | 2020-01-19

It is quite a difficult task for a smoker to quit it and overstate the harms of smoking completely. About eight million people have lost their lives due to diseases related to tobacco each year worldwide. Electronic cigarettes or Vape are so far considered to be safer than cigarettes. You will find a number of flavors used in a Vape, which is what attracts its consumers.

Even when to quit smoking is observed to be exasperating, Vape has helped many smokers to quit the actual smoking of cigarettes; however, the consumption of vaping has increased. Choose the best vape that suits you.

How can Vaping be an effective alternative to smoking cigarettes?

  1. Safer than cigarettes: The College of Physicians represents a prestigious organization conducted by over 35,000 doctors all over the world. They stated that up to 95% of the results of vaping are safer than using traditional cigarettes on the bases of their extensive research. As long as there is no tar, ash, or combustion affiliated with vaping, switching from smoking to vaping enables the consumer to experience better health benefits as they’ll be smoke-free. Better health conditions would be skin health, circulation, lung capacity, oral hygiene, and a better sense of taste and smell. Nonetheless, Vaping may be a lot safer than smoking yet not completely harmless.


  1. No noxious odors: The primary reason why vaping should be replacing cigarettes is that the environment and you yourself will be safe from the smell of smoke. However, Vaping creates an aroma that rises due to the flavor added, but the smoke does not emit the smell of dead tobacco leaves. Sometimes, the fragrance can also be a refreshing one. Even if you use the tobacco flavor for your vape, you will scent like the rank fumes that are released due to tobacco leaves.


  1. Controlled Vapor output: As the smoke is actually the vapor produced within the e-cigarette and which is why you can control the amount of vapor you wish to exhale. Pod – smaller devices are designed for low vapor and convenience, whereas mods – high-powered devices are better for cloud chasing. Adjusting the airflow, coil types, and power output also allows you to tune the volume of your vapor.


  1. Controlled Nicotine intake: You have complete control over what level of dosage you want to use in your vape. There are various strengths available in e-juice, ranging from nicotine-free to nicotine of high-strength. It is up to you whether you need a nicotine-free vape or adds it to some extent. Many vapers start from a high nicotine level and, by the time, go down to lower levels and sometimes completely eliminate the use.


  1. Various flavors: When we talk about flavors, you can genuinely find endless options in e-juice. New flavors are created every day now, and so you can keep trying the new ones. The most popular flavors used in a vape are menthol, desserts, beverages, foods, and tobacco.