By | 2018-08-20
A Brief History of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening process is also called as teeth bleaching in an interchangeable form. It is actually a process that helps in restoring the natural white shade of the teeth. There are lots of reasons why teeth lose their original white appearance. The stains may be caused due to various issues like drinking beverages, improper eating habits, dental infections, chewing tobacco based products etc. Tooth whitening is a highly opted procedure to get sparkling teeth in a short span of time. If you think that it is a gift of modern science then you are having a wrong conception in mind. Teeth whitening or say bleaching has been done since ages. Extensive cleaning process of the teeth, to make them white dates back to 3000 B.C. Nowadays doctors have advanced level tooth cleaning agents, chemicals, equipments etc. for whitening process but in the earlier times also such an option was feasible with somewhat different kinds of methods. The important revelations about the history associated with teeth whitening Tooth whitening is a process that initiated more than 4000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians used wine, vinegar and pumice stone to create a teeth whitening paste. At that time white teeth were an epitome of class and beauty. You will be surprised to know that ancient Romans whitened the tooth with the help of their urine. The scientific principle was that urine contains ammonia and ammonia is a natural bleaching agent. In the 17th century also people were desperate to have white teeth. They took help from the barbers for tooth filling and they even resorted to acidic applications on the tooth’s surface. The procedure was highly risky because even though the teeth became white but tooth enamel was distorted to a large extent. With the onset of 19th century it was realized with the experimentation process that fluoride helps in teeth whitening. Thus you will see that most of the toothpastes contain this element. The present day scenario Now is the 21st century and in the present times doctors do a holistic examination while opting for the teeth whitening procedure. First of all calculus and tartar are removed. Then various products and equipments are used like the bleaching pens, whitening strips, bleaching gels, laser tooth whitening method, hydrogen peroxide solutions, carbamide peroxide etc. Thus, be it any reason for tooth discoloration, in the present times dentists have all the knowledge and products to make them white. Sometimes in minor cases the dentist may just recommend a teeth whitening toothpaste. But in extreme discoloration or significantly pale looking teeth, cosmetic dental procedures may be necessary. So, it will all depend on the condition of the patient. The associated risks Although teeth whitening procedure comes with certain risks like hypersensitivity to the bleaching materials, allergic reactions, enamel damage, uneven results, inflammation of the mucous membranes etc. but the modern technology makes sure that these effects are minimal. These aspects are not seen in case of all individuals. Only a few people may experience these things and that too at an insignificant level.