By | 2018-09-06
How Does Enfagrow A+ Supports A Child's Development Milestones

A child goes through various development stages during his / her growing years. With each milestones comes a zillion check points to keep in mind that may seem flabbergasting for every parent. The baby milestone chart below speaks of the months and the developmental milestone a child is likely to cross. Note that, not every child may cross the same milestone at the same age or period of time. Development milestones are every subjected to the innate self of the child. baby milestone chartbaby milestone chart Today, with the technological advancement and everything at a reach of click, ensuring that your child grows healthy is not a challenge. However, ensuring that everything that goes into the child’s system is nutritious is. Enfagrow A+ a fortified nutritional powder is specially crafted to ensure that the growing children get the required amount of nutrients from their diet. We list down how Enfagrow A+ supports in a child’s development milestone. a. Supports Brain Development: Enfagrow A+ has DHA Plus, which is primarily an amalgamation of essential nutrients that support the brain growth and development. Important functions of the brain such as learning, memory, attention, and concentration is supported hugely by the DHA Plus. b. Triple Health Guard: Apart from building strong immunity, Enfagrow A+ strengthens the respiratory health, resistance to common illnesses and infections, and maintains the gut health. The probiotics and other nutrients that are infused in this fortified powder ensures that the child’s metabolism rate is high and healthy. c. Physical Development: This fortifies nutritional powder is made using a well-balanced nutritional formula which has sufficient parts of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats as defined by the WHO / FAO organizations. Enfagrow A+ also helps to ensure that all the micro and macro nutritional need is met. Enfagrow A+ is to be consumed by children from the age of 2 – 6 years old only. The baby milestone chart above will give a clear understanding of what happens in which age. Also, you can see how this nutritional powder will help your child to morph into the best version of themselves – mentally, physically, and emotionally. Your child is an important asset and you need to keep them healthy for all round development.