By | 2018-09-02
Ayurvedic Super Tonic For Children - Patanjali Arvindasava!

Children and infants have a weak immunity and this is one of the major reasons because of which infants are prone to get infected faster. The infections big or small lead to an unhealthy livelihood of a child resulting in a constant reduction in appetite and low metabolism. Less of immunity makes a child weak and leads to a cranky and an unhappy child. To keep away from all the hassles, many mothers trust Patanjali Arvindasava. This Ayurvedic medicine works wonders for children. Essential in pediatric use, this supertonic is highly effective in treating children suffering from diseases like rickets, cough and cold, constipation and chest congestion. It also helps in speeding the growth process and makes children healthy. Arvind being the main content of the medicine commonly known as Kamal (lotus flower) helps to improve appetite and helps increase the physical and mental strength of children. Patanjali Arvinasava is equally beneficial in treating problems suffered by adults alike. The pediatric medicine helps in treating loose stools, gastric problems, cough or bronchitis, weakness and psychological problems as well. Advantages of consuming Arvindasava Arvindsava promotes the absorption of nutrients that in turn supports ease of digestion. With a great digestive system, a person or a child can lead a disease free life. Arvindasava basically works on digestive system because a healthy stomach can keep the whole body healthy. Arvindsava also consists of raisins that are nutritious and healthy too. It also helps treat language milestones suffered by the children. Increases the gross motor and fine motor actions and helps improve understanding, problem-solving techniques, and reasoning skills. With timely consumption of the tonic, children tend to become more active and gain more immunity against infections and diseases. Arvindasava is a best friend your child will always cherish in the future. Arvindasava is an Ayurvedic medicine that has been healing people with a grave problem of chest congestion. Chest congestion in children should not happen. This is because chest congestion in infants often leads to pneumonia that can lead to further problems for the child and the parents. A remedy is always better than cure and Arvindasava makes immunity strong and keeps away chest congestions. Also, in the recent times when the pollution levels in the air are so much that even an adult is feeling the pain to breathe, children are no less. Children are the worst hit in recent times when the rise in air pollution has increased the number of child patients in the hospitals. It is always better to treat than being sorry and Patanjali Arvindasava is the need of the hour now. A dose of 3-12 ml orally with an equal amount of water can help restore your healthy child. Make them have it twice a day after meals. And adults can consume the same 2-3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician. Energize your body, stimulate your mind and calm your soul with Ayurveda!