By | 2018-08-29
Translation Services Can Be Vital For Cancer Research

We spend our daily lives communicating with different people, such with our friends, family and people who we really don’t know, like street vendors and / or restaurant staff. Communication is a good way of exchanging ideas between people, however, communication will only be interesting if both people understand each other or if they discuss a very interesting topic- like talking about enhancing medical treatment for cancer patients or any other serious events or news. One of the hot topics nowadays is about the issue of cancer, specifically on how to enhance its treatment and how to encourage the patients to fight their battle with the disease. Experts and scholars are still working, studying and conducting research about cancer treatment. However, there are some problems in communication between research community, i.e. the scientists, and the media.

Just like for any ordinary conversation, the research community may face difficulties in addressing the problem, aiming and exploring ideas or solutions. Researchers and scientists need to have effective communication in order to form a good process and find solutions to the issue. The case here is that, sometimes, the communication between the media and researchers is not really that effective. This is because some scientists might provide and use some medical terms that most of the media practitioners are not familiar with. The media are always at the center of important information and are responsible for spreading it; they are helpful in disseminating messages to everybody and even to far flung areas and places. Scientists and researchers are responsible for decoding the messages; on the other hand, the media are responsible for encoding the messages or absorbing the messages in order to disseminate the information to the public. However, the truth is that not all media practitioners have the capability of translating and really understanding the medical terms that the researchers used. In terms of communication and adaptation of information, translators or translation agencies are the right wall to lean on. The media are lucky enough if researchers provide a linguist to translate difficult medical terms for them. However, more commonly scientists and researchers don’t use medical terminology that is not really common even in the medical and science communities. They usually talk and disseminate ideas and information by means of their real knowledge without any use of translation services. Thus, it is the responsibility of the media, or the second researcher who wants to conduct a supporting study about the research, to take and utilize translation help. Improper or unprofessional translation of medical research and documents could be a potential danger to the rest of the medical practitioners as well. Usually, doctors and medical universities are dependent on studies and research by other experts. If the medical research materials are not accurately translated, the doctors could misunderstand the research topic and thus, they may apply a mistranslated idea in learning and performing medical practice, such as giving the wrong medical treatment to the patient.
In addition, accurate medical and scientific translation is important to everybody. It is not only for the sake of the scientists, the dignity of the doctors or the popularity of the media, but also for the safety of the people or the patients who need to undergo and benefit the process of science and medical research.