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Chemotherapy In Pune

If you are dealing with cancer, a daily dose of inspiration can work wonders. It has been rightly said, ” Cancer can touch you, but not your soul; neither your thoughts nor your heart.”. There is no medicine like hope. Has cancer turned your world upside down? Here is all you need to know about chemotherapy. We will let you know about the best oncologists.

What is chemotherapy? Chemotherapy is the most common form of cancer treatment. In medical language, treatment of cancer using powerful drugs to kill or inhibit the growth of cancer cells is known as chemotherapy. The quantity of drugs provided depends upon the rate of progression of cancer in the patient. Usually, chemotherapy is administered mainly through three mediums – intravenously, oral chemotherapy and intrathecal. Different methods of administering chemotherapy Oral – Chemotherapy is given in the form of pills and capsules to be consumed orally. Topical – A certain cream or lotion is applied to the affected area. Intravenous- Straight into the vein. Intramuscular – straight into the muscle. Intra arterial – chemotherapy is given to the artery affected with cancer. Intrathecal – Chemotherapy is given to the central nervous system via cerebrospinal fluid. Intrapleural – Chemotherapy is given directly into the chest cavity. Intraperitoneal – straight into the abdominal cavity. Intravesical – Straight into the bladder. PICC ( Percutaneously inserted central catheter) – It is ideal for providing treatment on long terms. It provides continuous access to the peripheral vein. End of the tube lies in the vein near the heart. Best Chemotherapy hospitals in Pune Here is the list of best five hospitals for chemotherapy in Pune. V.L Mutha Cancer center, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital Located in Erandawne, Pune, the oncology wing of the hospital is recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization(SIRO) by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India. King Edward Memorial Hospital Being the largest non-governmental organization hospital in Pune, the oncology research unit of KEM hospital is well-renowned and has a dedicated space for chemotherapy. Ruby Hall Clinic The Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Centre, the oncology wing is well-known for the finest oncologists. It is one of the few centers in India to have orthopedic oncology surgeons. Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital It was the first ever hospital in India to be certified with a HACCP rating (Hazard analysis critical control point).

Sahyadri Speciality Hospitals It is recognized for intravenous, oral and intrathecal chemotherapy. Also, electro-chemotherapy, mammography, and PAP smear testing are available. Pros and cons of chemotherapy What can be the biggest advantage of chemotherapy? Indeed, it is going to help you fight and win the battle against cancer. However, irregular and incorrect intake of drugs can result in blunder consequences. The most probable side-effects include hair loss, frequent bleeding, pain due to the damage that nerves suffer, poor appetite, vomiting and weight loss. The major spin ups being myelosuppression and mucositis.