By | 2018-08-27
Cancer Myths That Are Misleading

Everyone dreads acancer diagnosis. Apart from taking preventive measures against the disease like maintaining a healthy lifestyle, another way of battling cancer is to seek constant enlightenment on it. According to a WHO report, more than 12.7 million people are diagnosed withcancer and more than seven million die yearly of cancer. While it is essential to create awareness aboutcancer, many misconceptions still surround the disease, which inflict unnecessary fear in people. The misconceptions stop people from getting the appropriate treatment or approach the condition rationally. Inaccurate information aboutcancer can cause needless worries and hinder decisions about its prevention and treatment. Here are some of the myths: Cancer is a death sentence – The fact is that the cancer mortality in the U.S. has decreased since the 1990s. The five-year survival rate for prostate, breast and thyroid cancers exceeds 90 percent today while the five-year survival rate for all cancers is at 66 percent. With the current advancement in cancertreatments, clinical trials, and research, there’s much hope of overcoming cancer. Superfoods prevent cancer – Linking a specific food to lower the risk ofcancer is impossible. Eating vegetables is beneficial to the body. Evidence from research shows the best way to reduce the risk of canceris to adopt healthy habits such as limiting alcohol consumption, maintaining a healthy body weight and not smoking. Cellphones cause cancer – In reality,cancer is caused by genetic mutations. The energy that cell phones emit is low frequency and does not damage genes. Cancer is a tough condition, but wrong notions that people believe about the disease make it difficult to deal with the situation. The truths above give a clear picture of the real facts, and show how to help those withcancer. About The Las Colinas Cancer Center Las Colinas Cancer TreatmentCenter offers cancer patients the best medical treatment available in the north Texas area including the prostatecancer treatment in Texas & breastcancer treatment options through cancer radiation treatment Texas. Las Colinas CancerCenter was founded by Gregory Echt, M.D., a radiation oncologist with more than 17 years of medical practice. At Their cancer treatment clinic, they also offer you compassion and understanding, knowing that emotional support is very important to the healing process during yourcancer treatment.