By | 2018-09-11
Significant Facts About Fibrocystic Breasts

As we grow older, our body experiences certain changes, which sometimes seem abnormal. Our bosom is a vital part, which undergoes specific variations with age. Some changes are acceptable but some are very annoying. Fibrocystic breast is a condition that is noticed from lumpiness in the busts. We often panic noticing such unexpected changes in our pair. But, it is a sigh of relief that these cysts are not malignant and can be treated under expert supervision. There are reputed clinics in London which have highly skilled professionals to help you get over the bust-related problems. Causes of Fibrocystic Breasts Fibrocystic breasts generally occur in women between the age of 30 and 50. In some rare cases, it can also affect women younger than 30. The condition is initiated with changes in glandular and stromal tissues in the busts. It is result of hormonal changes during a women’s menstrual cycle. You may feel lumpiness and tenderness in your busts before your menstrual cycle which lessens once your period starts. The hormonal secretion of estrogen and progesterone during a women’s monthly cycle is the cause of tender, swollen and heavy busts. The root cause of these cysts is still unknown. It is noticed that the common period when the symptoms show up is before and after a menstrual cycle. You can consult experienced breast doctors in London to know about the causes in detail. Symptoms of fibrocystic breasts Cysts Thickening of areas Pain in your bosom Painful lumps in one or more busts Change in bust size and shape Nipple discharge which is not milky In case of any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you should talk to your breast consultant in London for some helpful advice. Diagnosis Generally, fibrous cysts are non-cancerous and the problem can be resolved by your oncologist in a couple of visits. The treatment involves lump removal by demolishing the cyst fluid through a needle. The lump would not come back if it is a cyst, and if it does, a close check is needed. The expert surgeons at breast clinics in Harley Street will examine you by performing ultrasound, mammogram and biopsies, if the case is serious. Biopsy involves surgical removal of a tissue in the lump for close examination. The modern techniques of biopsy involve tissue extraction with the help of a needle. It is good to be concerned about your little hearts. Your active involvement in bust care will help you overcome the noticed shortcoming on time. The most common problems include cysts, tenderness and changing shape and size of busts, which are treated successfully in the recent years. So, do not get stressed with the irregularities, rather get them resolved early.