By | 2018-09-05
Cancer - What it Does & Where to Seek Treatment?

Cancer is one of the scariest diseases, having aggravated with time due to the unimaginable side-effects of modern life. Once a lesser known disease, the world had seen 14.1 million cases of one of the other type of it by 2012. Breast cancer is known to be the most common type of cancer in the world, followed by lung cancer and prostate cancer. Due to such high numbers and scary statistics, it becomes a necessity to have greater investments and more resources to be spent on healthcare and medical research. As the frequency of cancer cases has increased, more and more hospitals have risen to keep up with the demand for medical care. Cancer is a serious disorder, however, the cause is simple to understand. When, in certain parts of the body, cell growth goes out of control and the normal cell death is not able to keep up with the manufacture of new cells, cancerous tissue grows out. These cancer cells may then travel to other parts of the body and cause more cancerous growth there. Because it is a disease that impacts the body at a cellular level, it is harder to treat sometimes even detect. Cancerous tumours are of two types- Malignant and Benign. While benign tumours are dormant, malignant tumours are more serious and potentially fatal. Cancer advances in 4 different stages and diagnosis must be made as soon as possible. Early detection increases the chances of survival, complete removal of cancer and experiencing a normal, healthy life. West Bengal and surrounding regions of the state, like Bangladesh, were highly dependent on hospitals in bigger cities for a long time in the past. However, Narayana Health moved to the state with its Multi-speciality hospital in Barasat and changed the situation for good. One of the top and the best hospital in Kolkata and around, Narayana Health is equipped with all possible infrastructure and technology to detect, diagnose and treat cancers of various kinds. Not just for the people of Kolkata, but it has also been so helpful to the people from surrounding regions, that it is rightly recognised as the best cancer hospital in Kolkata. The expert oncologists are known for their genuine and selfless treatment of the patients. Narayana health has risen as one of the best hospitals in India with some of the most highly skilled doctors in the country. With 23 hospitals, 7 heart centres and a network of primary health centres across India and a hospital in the Cayman Islands, Narayana works to bring healthcare around the world. This super-speciality hospital in India provides advanced care in almost 30 specialties including cardiology and cardiac surgery, cancer care, neurology and neurosurgery, orthopaedics, nephrology and urology and gastroenterology. The super-specialty hospitals have their establishments and are some of the best hospitals in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata. While Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Karnataka were already provided high quality health care by Narayana Health, they also recently established their centre in the Delhi-NCR region.