By | 2018-08-26
Myths And Truths About Anti-aging

Premature aging is a hot-button topic these days. There is a lot of information available there regarding this problem. One should understand the fact that everything you read on the internet is not true. There are many misconceptions about the factors that cause premature aging. Following are some myths and truths about anti-aging. Let’s discuss them: 1. Sun Damage is the Main Culprit of Skin aging Yes! It is true that sun damage in your teens affects you. How you protect your outer strip in the early stages of your life determines that how long you are going to have a beautiful-skin with a radiant complexion. Fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots may not appear in the early twenties but you are prone to suffer from these problems if you are not using a good quality sunblock. Applying Super Acids X-treme Dark Spot Sun Filter SPF30 on your exposed areas saves you from the ultraviolet damage of the outer strip. It is highly recommended to re-apply your sunscreen if you swim or you are sweating. 2. Expensive Products Yield the Best Results False! The price of a product doesn’t determine its results. It is not necessary that all expensive products are good for you. products must be selected according to the type of your skin. You are at a fault if you are using an expensive dry lotion for your oily skin. Here you have to stick to your skin type rather than spending money on expensive products that don’t even match to your skin type. 3. Pollution Makes Look Aged True! The air we breathe in is full of pollutants like dust, smoke, smog, and soot. These factors are not only harmful to your skin but also for your overall health. The main reason for blackheads and whiteheads is air pollution. Blackheads form when dust accumulates in your pores. Trying removing these blackheads leaves your pores open which increases the risk of visible pores. Pores No More – Anti Aging Mattifying Lotion is perfect deep cleansing formula that not only remove the appearance of blackheads but also tightens your pores. 4. Your Diet Effects Your Skin True! Eating a lot of junk food can be problematic not only for your stomach but also for your skin and hair. Deep fried and oily things make you greasy and oily which increases the formation of pimples. Scars left due to acne is the most obvious aging factor. Eating a healthy diet prevents you from such problems. 5. Use as Many Products as you can Using too many products makes your skin sensitive. It is totally insane to use the products that your skin don’t even need. However, Beauty Products Dubai provides you with the best basic skin care products. Following the simple skin care regimen saves you from premature aging.