By | 2020-01-29

Do you want your nails to look perfect all the time?

So you want to give your nails a perfect saloon looks?

Do you like to paint your nails just the way they do in the nail paint tutorials on the internet?

Well there are a few secrets about painting your nails that you never knew of and her ewe are to reveal them to you so that you can get your nails painted in the ideal fashion.

Grab your favorite best yellow nail polishe and get started with the list of the following tips.

  • Before you apply the nail paint, file and buff your nails properly so that they are super smooth and even for the application. Remember not to apply the file in the rough splintering motions, rather do it in one single direction and follow it throughout the nail.
  • Do not forget about the base coat on your nail. The base coat on your nail is responsible for giving an even tone to the main coat of the nail polish. This is a very important step as it helps protect your nail and the cuticle from getting damaged as well.
  • Once you have applied the base coat, d not forget about the top coat. Apply the top coat when the base coat has gone a bit dry. When choosing the top coat for your nails, remember that a shiny and a quick drying nail paint id the ideal one for the job.
  • When you are applying the nail polish, remember to do it lightly and nicely. First, carefully draw the brush out, clean the other side of the brush off the paint, fan the front side to the surface of the nail and apply smoothly. Now move the brush from center in such a way that you will be starting from the cuticle and would be moving towards the tip gradually. Do it again for left and right sides of the nail as well.
  • Always use your dominant hand to apply the nail paint perfectly. For example, if you have to apply your yellow nail polishe to the right hand and right is your dominant hand, rotate it towards yourself and then apply so that you use your dominant hand for the application of your favorite nail paint.

These tips are for sure going to give you complete saloon like nails.