By | 2018-08-27
Grow and Flaunt your Eye Lashes With Careprost

Careprost Generic Latisse is of the rarest medicinal drug which can be used to treat medical issues as well as for cosmetic purposes. Apart from treating Glaucoma, this medication is used for the enhancing eyebrows. This drug makes the ashes look darker and longer. It also gives you a sigh of relief from the itchiness and irritation in your eye. How to use? All you need to do is, before the application of Careprost Generic Latisse, wash your hands and face with water. If you are wearing makeup on your eyes or face, remove it. People wearing lenses are expected to remove their contacts before the applying this solution. You need to squeeze one drop on a fine eyeliner brush and apply along the line of the upper eyelid. Gradually spread the solution to the tip of your lashes. Be very careful with the liquid. Do not let it enter your eyes. The growth of the lashes starts within 8 weeks of application. However once the application of this liquid is put on hold, the eye lashes may come back to its original state. Side effects of using the solution The possible side effect of using this solution is that it may grow some extra hair on your face if not used with caution. This liquid, if used excess, may give you watery eyes. Ones who are suffering from an allergy should not be sing this medication without keeping their doctors informed. Few people have also experienced some kind of redness. Burning of eyes, Headaches, Dizziness, pigmentation around the eyes are some of the common side effects which may be experience if the medication does not suit you. Getting this liquid prescribed from an eye specialist may be of help. Can I get a discount? Today, Generic Wellness gives you 20% on any product you buy. Also you just need to log in and avail benefits if you are an existing customer or you an account with us. The offer is limited for a couple of days. So what are you waiting for? Get this Careprost Generic Latisse now. About Generic Wellness Generic Wellness is one of the top leading medical stores online. All types of medicines are available at 10 % – 20 % discount. Generic Wellness is solely managed by a group of pharmacist for online selling of the generic drugs. We have the facility of free shipping without any purchase policy.