By | 2018-08-20
Using The Bio-flex Cold Laser In South Surrey Chiropractor Practise

The bio-flex cold laser system is one of the most, if not most, researched systems on the market today. It has been used in clinical practise for several years now. The cold laser system’s headquarters is in Toronto, Canada. They have a treatment center there as well as a research center. They have several learning seminars and symposiums for practitioners. This system fits very well into the clinical practise of the South Surrey chiropractor profession. The system uses flexible pads of super luminous and laser diodes. These pads contain 180 of these diodes. The biggest advantage of this system is that it covers a large area and it can literally wrap around a joint or a muscle due to its flexible nature. There are two different laser pads. One is a red pad and the other is an infrared pad. They each have different frequencies of energy and these energies perform different functions. They complement each other. Some newer models come with what is known as a duo pad. The laser pad contains both red and infrared laser in the same pad. Laser can treat many conditions. The most common condition treated in the South Surrey chiropractor office is lower back pain. This condition may be treated with only the laser or in conjunction with traditional South Surrey chiropractor methods or spinal decompression. The laser can also treat spinal stenosis. This is a condition of the neck or lower back where there is progressive degeneration putting pressure on the spinal nerve roots or spinal cord proper. Shoulder problems of all types can be treated very effectively. Other joints such as elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles and feet are also treated with good results. Inflammatory conditions of ligaments, tendons, and muscles are also treated as well as nerve conditions. Fibromyalgia and arthritis can also be added to the list. Laser at South Surrey chiropractor can treat most conditions. As part of studies show, here in lies the problem that South Surrey chiropractor see with respect to a herniated disc. When there is a breakdown in the surrounding fibro cartilage, South Surrey chiropractor doctors make aware the risk of a herniated disc, disc bulge or fragmented disc increases. South Surrey chiropractor find that too much breakdown in the surrounding fibro-cartilage allows for abnormal canals to form inside the disc. The fluid like center starts to flow along these canals causing an outside pressure. This pressure can often result in a disc bulge or herniated disc because of the imbalance in pressure. This can put pressure on the nerve root in the lower back. Often South Surrey chiropractor see that pain and sciatica can result. This result can be a very disabling problem for South Surrey chiropractor patients so catching this early is very beneficial to the individual’s health and body. If a free fragment forms this becomes a much more serious condition in South Surrey chiropractor patients. When this happens, this means a part of the disc has detached from the actual disc. That disc becomes free and floating. As a South Surrey chiropractor, I would like to inform the mass that subluxation in the spine refers to an abnormal position of the vertebrae relative to the one below and one above. This term is associated with abnormal movement of the vertebrae in various directions. The spinal nerve roots exit between the vertebrae in the spine, on both the right and left sides. They exit through a small canal that is found there called the intervertebral foramen (IVF). South Surrey chiropractor states that the spinal nerve roots have very little protection while they are traversing the canal. The spinal nerve roots are extremely sensitive to pressure that is in the canal. Once outside the canal, South Surrey chiropractor informs that they are not as vulnerable to the effects of pressure. Any pressure on these spinal nerves within the canal can produce a whole host of signs and symptoms that the South Surrey chiropractor can detect using preferred methods. Wherever the nerve travels to, the patient can get numbness, tingling, spasms, weakness, and even muscle atrophy. When any vertebrae are out of position and not moving in a balanced and normal range of motion, pressure from the South Surrey chiropractor will be exerted on the spinal nerve. Degeneration will tend to follow after the subluxation has been there for a while, warns South Surrey chiropractor. Obviously, I, as a South Surrey chiropractor, do not want to have these conditions result in the spine. There are many methods of how to significantly reduce and even diminish the possibility of degeneration or other issues that can result from this issue. The normal biochemical effects at the cellular level are: the production of DNA to encourage cellular regeneration, the production of a collagen to increase the strength of soft tissue, an increase in ATP which is the fuel for the cell, production of endorphins to reduce pain, increase in WBC for overall healing, and the formation of new capillary growth to improve circulation.