By | 2018-08-23
Non-surgical Treatments For Lower Back Pain

Are you looking for lower back pain treatment? If yes, then you could be one of the many Emiratis who suffers from back pain. Recent studies suggest that more than 60% of young people are suffering from back pain and even a greater number is true for older people. For this reason, it is not difficult to see that more and more people are seeking non-surgical treatments for lower back pain. If you are among them, then you would be happy to learn about your options on this page. Eliminate causative factor Before seeking different treatments for lower back pain, it is imperative to first identify its causes. In most cases, if the cause is addressed, back pain will normally go away. For example, if the lower back pain is caused by obesity, in that case, weight loss can improve your condition. Improving good posture and exercise can also eliminate back pain. Physical therapy In the UAE, physical therapy is a popular treatment for back pain. It does not just eliminate causes of back pain, but it can help prevent future occurrence of this ailment. There are different physical therapy techniques. Depending on your diagnosis, the treatment is commonly a combination of various methods. For example, your whole treatment plan may include therapeutic massage, manual therapy, and osteopathy. In some cases, physical corrective devices and gears are used to improve overall posture and flexibility of the body. Since physical therapy is a natural, non-invasive, and safe back pain treatment method, it presents a wide range of benefits to the body. It does not just heal the symptoms, but also the cause of the problem. Not only that, but more and more people are seeking physical therapy services not just to heal injuries or correct physical ailments, but also to maintain a healthier and stronger body. Other non-surgical treatments Aside from physiotherapy and other things mentioned above, back pain also responds to the use of braces. It keeps the body upright and prevents positions that could possibly trigger or worsen back pain. Ice and heat therapy could also be a good treatment. Ice can decrease pain perception while heat relaxes the muscle. If you work in an office or you spend a lot of time sitting, consider using ergonomically designed chairs. Use a chair that provides sufficient support to your back and uses a table that allows the proper alignment of your extremities to your body.