By | 2018-08-17
Exercises You Can Do In The Office

If you, as many people all around the world spend eight hours sitting in an office everyday, than this article is for you. We will offer your office workout routine for people sitting in front of a computer for the most part of a day. If you have an office job, you may have already noticed that you move very little. That is not good for your health at all. But what can you do? Probably, you can’t and don’t want to quit you job for this reason. Well, there is another solution. Small and effective exercises you can do even in the office. You Need Office Workout Routine

Every time you stand up from you chair, go to another floor, use stairs instead of an elevator your body becomes healthier and more beautiful. But if you free extra 10 minutes from your work time every day to do some easy exercises the results will be better. Here are several good exercise that does not need any special equipment and only take several minutes to complete. Exercises You Can Do At Your Office You can warm up by jogging for two minutes on one place or can walk around the building for two or three times. After you finish your warm up you can continue with arm circles. It will be good if you manage to do 15 or 20 arm circles every day. For doing that exercise you should extend your arms and make clockwise circles with your hands. You can frequently change directions. After you are done with your arm circles you can continue with Squats. Try to do at least 15 squats a day. It is a great way to burn your calories and support blood circulation. This exercise is perfect wor office workout routine because it does not require any equipment and can be done in a limited space. After that you can have a rest for minute or more. Than try and to Wall Push Ups. It is perfect to tone your chest and burn some extra calories. Do at least 20 Wall Push Ups. You can do regular push ups if you can’t find any suitable wall for that or if you are wearing a dress.

Abdominal construction is a best exercise to continue with. All you need for that is a chair. Sit in your chair with a straight back and pull your belly button in towards your spine. Hold from 5 to 7 second on every repetition. Try to do this exercise at least 15 times a day. After you are done with abdominal constructions 20 Seated Triceps Dips is a best exercise to continue with- Scoot to the edge of your chair and support your body weight with your fingers hanging over the edge of the seat. Lower your body weight, keeping elbows tucked into sides. All you need is a chair without wheels for this one. Here are best office stretching exercises you can do in your office. Try to follow that routine for a daily basis and you will feel healthier and sexier.