By | 2018-08-15
Effective Solution For Lower Back Pain

Because of many reasons for ex . sitting for longer our in offices for work can result in lower back pain. Reason for pain in the backside cause to last longer for impermanent inconveniences. here we suggested some exercises that involves our Free standing Pull up Bar tools and is very effective solutions when it comes to lower back pain. while there are some other exercises too that are not with pull up bar that can simply be done on chair. Gluteus maximus muscle which is located in the buttlocks and is considered as a strongest muscles in the body, this muscles is responsible for movement of thigh and hip. because of sitting longer at one place without any exercise this muscles end up shot and powerless which could result in lower back pain. while this muscles is most important for movement. Following are some exercises for solution to this 1) Spinal Decompression Stretch This is most simple and effective solution the minimize your lower back pain within short period of time which only need a Chin Up Bar tools Make sure you have good grip on pull up bar and body is hanging when you are in that position try to touch your toes to the ground if in case you are much taller than the height of bar. your head should be in forward direction, make sure that your grip is tight while doing this step. stay in that position and hang for whatever length of time you can. in the first move you will not able hang long until you do the same exercise regularly. In this way you will be able to get read of your back pain. 2) The Seated Legs to Chest stretch when the maximus muscle are not stretched and is powerless that is the reason pain in that particular region occur. because of this, the muscles get very weak which plays most important roles while moving your hips and body. if they are not stretched properly it will result in lower back pain. seat on chair, raise one knee up and bring the internal thigh up towards your trunk you can use your hands for bringing your leg to your trunks. hold your back straight and hold in same position for two minutes. relax down and practise with other leg repeat on regular basis for the best result in this exercise you should not try to take your legs towards your chest fully. this kind of exercises needs extensive periods of holding to get the muscles relax fully.