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Get Everything You Should Know About Marijuana Drug

Marijuana is the mostly abused drug in USA and some other countries. It is an illicit medicine and smoked generally due to its psychoactive properties like euphoria and a sense of tranquillity. Though Marijuana abuse brings about many physical and adverse behavioural…Read More »

How Heroin Kills

Jake is a reformed addiction patient. He does not remember how he got into the habit of abusing heroin; however, he does recollect the minutest detail of his first blackout. It happened immediately after he had snorted the white powder at a…Read More »

Ways to Tackle Teen PTSD After a Traumatic Incident

With natural catastrophes like hurricanes and storms becoming a recurring feature and manmade calamities like terror strikes at schools and busy marketplaces occurring frequently, life seems so uncertain. Considering this, human lives now seem so worthless. Such incidents leave a deep scar…Read More »

How Opioid Crisis Plays Out in Veterinary Practice

Drug overdoses killed 63,632 people in the United States in 2016 and nearly 66 percent of these were attributed to prescription or illicit opioids. While people across states are burdened by the menace, how this epidemic relate to the veterinary field is…Read More »